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Bubble 2.0

Update: the video below was removed from YouTube today due to a spat over¬†one of the still images used in this video¬†which was lifted without permission from a photographer’s work on Flickr. People really must behave. I found Scoble’s comments on this somewhat annoying – Steal my Work, please! Who is he, Lenny Bruce? Anyway, if I got that 60s reference right, I’m trying to say that work with a copyright on it is just that. If it’s creative commons, peachy-keen – do with it what you will. But please respect others rights to ask folks to compensate them or to simply control their own distribution. It’s the right thing to do.


Hat tip to my friend Taylor Davis who posted this yesterday. Damn near priceless. I always liked that Billy Joel song. And speaking of rock trivia, you should see how you fare with the ‘Almost-Impossible Rock and Roll Quiz’ from Rolling Stone. I scored 30. Hat-tip to my buddy Chad Dickerson on finding that one.

CNN Re-Born

cnn relaunch
Yes, the day is finally here.

After over 18 months of work amounting to literally thousands of staff hours, the CNN.com site has been reborn in full embracement of modern web content and technology approaches. After an extensive beta, the site has now replaced the prior version of CNN.com which had essentially never had this extensive and end-to-end redesign in it’s nearly 12-year-long history.

And yes, the site looks lovely on the iPhone too.

And here’s what the blogosphere has to say about it

A slideshow of these images can be found here, or click on a thumbnail below.
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Sky High

Transamerica - Day

Meant to post this a while back. I was in San Francisco for the recent Ad:Tech Conference. This was the view from the hallway of my hotel- an amazing panorama from the Golden Gate Bridge (far left, out of frame) to the Transamerica Building, Coit Tower, Alcatraz and the Bay Bridge (far right, out of frame). A truly amazing view. The show was excellent as well, and I spoke to some very bright folks involved in the burgeoning ad business. DoubleClick was showing off their Exchange product and new logo (very Web 2.0 green), there were more ad networks than you could shake a stick at, and video ad syndication plays were everywhere.

It’s Alive!

Although it’s a somewhat soft launch today (shhh – don’t tell anybody), the Turner Broadcasting new venture I mentioned a few months ago when the splash page was posted has gone live today in all it’s UGC and comedic goodness. Get in there, check out the funny stuff (quite a bit NSFW), register and make some friends (I’m JoeBobATL). There are bits of coverage by members of the team (What do I know?), on Fark.com (one of the providers of content, and a great destination on it’s own) and by another one of the content providers, Olde English. Do check out this goofy woman-on-the-street vid (Making Friends by Chelsea Peretti) and the hilarious Sodom and Gomorrah by Brad Neely, pictured above in this screenshot from the launch. My team was involved in the advertising technology for this – and we’re pretty proud of how this came out. Share and Enjoy!