Super Deluxe is in the Wild…


Yesterday, Turner Broadcasting (you know, those guys who sign my paycheck) took the wraps off a project that’s been in the works for a while – a new broadband site called Super Deluxe (splash site up and running – find the easter eggs!). Dubbed by a story in MediaPost and the Hollywood Reporter as a blend of features of TV networks like Comedy Central with the social networking features of a MySpace, the coverage reports that the site will feature material from both established and emerging comedians and allow for a fair amount of ‘UGC’ (that’s user generated content to those uninitiated among you) from users to also appear on the service. The Hollywood Reporter had this to day:

Dubbed Super Deluxe, the free, advertiser-supported venture will target men 18-34 with a mix of live-action and animated material that won’t skimp on profanity and toilet humor. “It’s like cable TV without the rules,” Turner Entertainment Group president Mark Lazarus said.

TBS has recently announced another effort in a similar vein, though of smaller scale, where users can submit videos to for consideration as being ‘Funny or Not’ as well as the already launched, a place to – you guessed it – watch funny commercials. MediaPost reports that the Super Deluxe site will launch in January. My team is involved with – you guessed it again – the ad technology to support the service. We have a busy Fall ahead of us…

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