This is a blog of random musings and miscellany. It’s mostly a showcase for photos of our cute little boys Sam and Noah, but occasionally includes my personal thoughts, not necessarily those of my employer, about various technology or otherwise geek-oriented issues in the public eye these days. I can be reached at joey [at] trotz dot com

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  1. Hello- i am a web designer seeking an image of the duck walk on Boston Common, for a client’s website. I saw your photo album on Flickr, and would love to get in touch with ASAP.

    Please email me, thanks!

  2. Hallo ! 🙂
    I´am a girl (old ) from Sweden and I try too look for the name trotz and I find you. Do you know how long you have had your name , I think we got our name 1600. Have a nice day.
    Gunilla Gren

    1. Hi Gunilla: My mother’s maiden name was Trotz. Recently, an Ancestry DNA test says I’m part Swedish-Danish from my mother’s side. Maybe we are related?

  3. great last name, i’d say. what do you know about your family history. My grandfather, John F. Trotz, came to USA in 1890’s and, after briefly settling in Detroit, where his older brother Michael lived, came to Scranton, Pa. for a wedding, met my grandmother, and stayed. Like hundreds of others from his former hometown in Poland, Suwalki, he became a coal miner. He was killed in the mines when he was 40, leaving my grandmother with six kids at the height of the Depression in 1929. My father, Edward Trotz, was 3 at the time. I ran Trotz through the Twitter search engine and found your name. You are following me, too. I am 54 and live in Baltimore, where my father moved looking for work after being discharged from the Army Air Corps after the war. My Dad will be 83 on Nov. 26. He named me after his father, and my son is named after my father. I also have two daughters….Sincerely, John Trotz

  4. There is a large number of Trotz’s living in Johnstown, PA.
    Our grandfather and grandmother came here from Poland.

  5. My mother’s maiden name was Trotz. Your grandfather was my mother’s uncle. She talks about her , her father , Adam , her brother Frank and her stepmother drove night and day from Detroit to attend your grandfather’s funeral, sleeping in the car as the roads were all dirt and mud. Her first name is Emma.
    I’ve often wondered about the Trotzs in Scranton. finally got a chance to come to Scranton with my mother this labor day. It’s the first time back for her since 1930. my mom celebrated her 92 birthday May 30 of this year.

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