Jon Barkan, 1968-2007

I heard the news the way things happen in this age. Via instant messenger. That’s what makes this all the more unreal. Jon was literally, larger than life. Gregarious, warm, a bear of a guy. Seemingly invincible. We spent several years together at during the height of the web bubble, and Jon always had an amazing head for sports and journalism. Great family, great kids, great philanthropist, then this. Snatched unexpectedly at 39 from his friends, his family and his community. It’s so difficult to understand. Even moreso in this digital age. His last Facebook update posted less than 24 hours before his passing says ‘Jon Barkan is surviving another day on this planet.’ One of his last Twitters said ‘ OK – this three kid thing is tiring … guess I will have time to sleep when I am dead, huh?’ And there he is on his blog, smiling back at us, holding Lord Stanley’s trophy, and posting the Peanuts mashup version of Outkast‘s ‘Hey Ya!’

Well, HEY YA to you, Jon. You will be missed by all those you touched in your too-short time with us. We all need to remember to embrace every day on this planet as if it were our last – take nothing for granted. God bless.

In lieu of flowers, the family asks that contributions be made to:


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  1. Great post Joey – you touched on some of the eerie things I’ve noticed about the virtual trail Jon left. It’s very surreal. I echo your sentiments.

  2. Joey,

    Just reading this now. What happened to Jon? I am shocked and saddened (albeit later than most).


  3. We just returned from Atlanta on November 15, 2009. It was Judie Barkan’s Birthday (Jon’s Mom & my older Sister). On the way to the Atlanta Airport we stopped by to visit Jon. It was amazing how many of his friends left little treasures on his stone & grave. Hockey pucks, Golf Balls, Baseballs for the Cubs, he loved that stadium and the traditional rocks or stones.
    I left my traditional Starburst all flavors. Why you may ask? It was our last conversation at his home on Friday November 2007 Sabbath. Jon to my left
    the girls at a little table near us. We came to meet Benjamin who was one month old. Jon bent over to tell me @ Halloween Elizabeth offered him a Starburst as a joke. He reminded me of the following story:
    When Jon was about 6 or 7 I took him to the movies and he wanted Starburst. I bought him his very own. Typical Jon he ate them all and everything else we bought to eat & drink. Jon went home and remembers throwing up rainbow color from the Starbursts he ate. He never could eat another Starburst.

    I remember saying come on Jon all the times we went to the Knicks Games, went out to dinner this is what you remember of the time we spent together.

    When my sister Michelle called to tell me that we lossed Jon. All I could think of was our last dinner together. All of the family around the Shabbat table and Jon telling me this story.
    December 7th is around the corner. We can’t believe he will be gone 2 years.
    Sunday we were with Abby, Miriam & Benjamin at Judie’s Birthday. Have they grown and what beautiful children he left behind.
    All I kept thinking of what would Jon have said to his Mom.
    Miss you my G_d Son…

  4. December 7, 2009
    Our Hearts are hurting today rememebring you.
    The void of you in our lives is hard to handle.
    It is your 2nd Anniversary since you passed away.

    Rosie had to be to sleep yesterday.
    We hope she is keeping you company.
    I know you called her the hairy Rat. ( Rosie my long hair 3.5lb Chihuahua)

    Your Mom. Dad & Grandma are going to toast you @ The Palm tonight.
    You will be held in our hearts forever.
    We miss you JB!
    Aunt Holly & Uncle Lenn

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