The MacBookPro Has Landed

That’s the good news. And, I might add, the little wonder arrived at 10:09am today, despite Fedex estimating delivery by Monday at 10:30am. So total turnaround time was 10 business days since I ordered on the day the new Core 2 Duo versions came out, including custom build options. Now on to the bad news…

The machine has an obvious screen defect (as seen at left). I went with the glossy version, and approximately 100 pixels from the right side of the screen is a band roughly 100 pixels wide which is significantly washed out compared to the rest of the screen. It runs from above the top menu bar to the bottom of the display.

Guess I’ll be visiting my friends at the Apple store at Lenox tomorrow. Click here for a gallery of the ritualistic unpacking of the new machine.

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