CNN Enhanced on Dish is in the Wild…


TVWeek (free registration required) may have been the first to report this, under the headline ‘Interactive TV Gets a Big Boost’ – CNN has launched their first major one-screen interative TV application. I was the product manager on this effort, and it’s great to see the trades picking up on it. If you have Dish, please check it out and let me know your thoughts. The app combines photos and stories from you can read while the CNN linear network continues to play in squeezeback. So for those couch potatoes among us who want a little more control over your news, this one’s for you! The TV Week story goes on with an interesting quote from Ian Olgeirson, an analyst with Kagan Research: “Certainly, being able to deploy the application to more than a small amount of customers is pretty critical to making the model work on any level,” he said. Still, ITV is not likely to lure new customers, he said.”

Update (2/20/06): MediaPost has a story focused on the OpenTV back-end details. A nice quote from Joel Hassell, the SVP/GM at OpenTV who notes the value of the application providing content from to a satellite television viewer:

“Television is ubiquitous, but the Internet is not, as yet–so you have a number of households that can get a real benefit in terms of staying connected.”

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One thought on “CNN Enhanced on Dish is in the Wild…”

  1. Per your request for feedback regarding CNN Enhanced: It’s great. I read through it every morning (with the sound off) while I drink a cup of coffee. You did a good job as product manager. It’s a superb concept. On the negative side, it’s been impossible so far to find anyone who will take ownership of the service. I’ve written to Dish, CNN and Echo Star to report two articles (Mars Science Lab & Endeavour) on the Tech/Science option that have resided there since December 2008 and it seems that nobody is steering the ship. Do you have an address for a POC who is responsible for maintaining CNN Enhanced?

    W. Rowe
    Paxton/Laurel Hill, FL

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