Ben Folds gets Phat

Ben Folds has released his own take on Dr. Dre’s seminal ‘B*&tches Ain’t S&%*t’. Unlike the throbbing beat from Dr. Dre, this version features a falsetto backing chorus, moog-like synthesizers, and Ben’s usual light touch on the keyboards. Hope this one makes his pockets ‘phat.’ It’s a busy late Winter/Spring for Mr. Folds, with his new album Songs For Silverman due April 26th, and a 7-inch single from the disc, ‘Landed’ due on March 22nd. Also On March 22 — The special expanded edition of Ben Folds Five’s Whatever And Ever Amen remastered with new liner notes from alll the original band members and 7 bonus tracks: Video Killed The Radio Star (studio version, previously unreleased), For All The Pretty People, Mitchell Lane, Theme from “Dr. Pyser” (studio version), Air, She Don’t Use Jelly, Song For The Dumped (Japanese version).

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