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A Visit to Savannah

Yes, we experienced an early Summer as we headed down to visit my mom in mid-June. Sam’s current obsession with battles, forts and the like led us out to Fort Pulaski which I love, then my own cravings for fresh-off-the-boat seafood took us to The Crab Shack. Ah, I remember when they had all of ten tables and no kitsch. Finally, we went to the ultimate tourist attraction – The Pirate’s House. Again, influenced by Sam’s biggest fascination these days, that was a big hit. And the food was not as bad as I feared. I think that was due to the large mug (shaped like a skull, ‘natch) of Chatham Artillery Punch.

Savannah Wildlife Refuge

Back in mid-November, we headed home to visit my mom and brother Jerry in Savannah. As we were driving from our hotel to my mom’s place, Noah fell asleep, so we needed to hunt for something to do and allow Noah to get a much-needed nap. So off to the Savannah Wildlife Refuge we went. Just 10 miles North of the city over in South Carolina, I always loved going there to look at the ‘gators, birds and foliage. Sam enjoyed it, and Noah slept most of the time. We won’t talk about the fire ant incident. Amy was itching for days.¬†Click below to see the gallery of photos from our visit.

Memorial Day in SAV

So I am far behind on my blog updates. Over the Memorial Day holiday, we packed the troops into the mini (did I mention that we bought a Honda Odyssey back in April – and that we love the thing?) and headed down 75 and I-16 to see my brother and mom. We made a big deal of ‘installing’ the DVD player – which only works on long trips, by the way – so Sam wouldn’t expect that treat on every trip around the corner. He watched the Muppet Movie (via my iPod strung to the back video inputs in the AV system) at least three times. Now he sings Rainbow Connection – so very cute that is! It was a quiet weekend, really, just trying to chill and enjoy some time away. Noah enjoyed his first dip in a pool, and we tried our best to wear Sam out by traipsing him all around downtown. Slideshow of photos from the visit are here.