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Picture Day, Fall 2009


So I was (willingly!) drafted once again to take the yearly class and individual photos of the Grant Park Cooperative Preschool a few weeks back. You can see an example of the results in the handsome young boys pictured above!

In an effort to capture even better and more authentic portraits of our little ones, my frame count rose from 1600 last year to 1800+ in 2009. I think we managed to get everyone! For those parents coming here to Trotz.com to peruse the images for purchase (all funds benefit the Preschool), please follow the links below to review the galleries.

As some of our little ones were less than cooperative, you may find photos of your tots in non-consecutive order in the galleries – so leaf through them to be sure you’ve seen all there is to see! It was again a pleasure, if somewhat challenging, working with the kids and the other volunteers to corral and capture these images all our kids – I hope you enjoy the fruits of our labor!

Note as well that these images have only been briefly color corrected and retouched. Once you pick your images, I will review them again for color accuracy, cropping, etc, so don’t be deterred if you think your little one looks light or dark etc, all these images here will work great at any size.

To order prints: please download the order form here (Microsoft Excel file, 26kb or Adobe PDF, 34k). Order forms should be turned into either GPCP office in the envelope marked with “Fall Pictures Orders” with check (made out to GPCP) or cash by Monday, November 30th. Order forms are also available at the offices.

First Haircut for Noah

Although his first trip to the stylist’s chair took about ten months longer than Sam of the luxurious locks, Noah was finally deemed haircut-worthy earlier this month. He took to it like a champ, and came out looking super handsome. He kept a few curls in back – no mullet jokes please – and is cuter than ever!