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Shaq-tastic News for e-Sports

Turner’s new venture, E-league, was announced at the annual Video Game Awards yesterday. The gamers say it best – “Being on TV is obviously the next step.” Starting first with the stalwart Counter-Strike, the league¬†will¬†feature two 10-week seasons, broadcast each Friday night on Turner’s TBS. Oh, and did I mention the $1.2 million prize pool?

Full disclosure: I am currently an employee of Turner and the views in this post are purely my own.

COD4 No Punctuation Review

So this is not for everyone – but for those friends who have played Call of Duty 4, this video review is priceless. This guy is notorious for his brutal take on games – a guy who goes by the moniker ‘No Punctuation.’ If you play COD4 or any online shooter games (one of my weaknesses), do not wait – go watch this video. Note – adult language, drugs and other language not appropriate for the kiddies featured in this video. You’ve been warned.

rock n roll

guitar hero
In keeping with the gaming theme of recent posts, I must share the photo above. I used a gift certificate from my sisters-in-law they sent as a thank-you for helping them with their new jewelery business (their site will be unveiled soon) to buy the much-heralded Guitar Hero II. There is no doubt this is an amazing game – do not pass go, do not collect $200 – go out and get this game if you have an Xbox 360 or the Playstation. Sam, of course, loves it as well as you can see! Amy also manages to mostly kick my butt at this one – hmm, perhaps her years in the music conservatory finally paid off? Anyway, I’m just trying to figure out how to hold the darn guitar in a way that doesn’t result in the tips of my fingers on my left hand going numb and staying that way for going on 48 hours now. It seems to be getting better, but I’m so uncoordinated that I have to mash the buttons on the guitar neck far harder than necessary. I seem to keep playing Matthew Sweet’s Girlfriend over and over again, but my scores are far behind all my Xbox Live buddies. I’m somewhere in the 350,000’s on the leaderboard, while my friend Juanita Winters is up around 25,000 worldwide. Scary, really. Can’t wait for the reported 2007 Summer release of their update with only 80s music, or the late-year Rock Band – where multiple players will be able to join together online on bass, drums, vocals and guitar.

gametime with the kiddies

viva pinata

Fudgehogs. Horstachios. Seedos. Doc Patchingo.

These are but a few of the characters Sam has grown to talk about pretty much incessantly since I bought and began to play the very addictive (and very kid friendly) Viva Pinata game for the Xbox 360, recipient of a ‘great’ 8.3 rating from Gamespot.com. I read a piece in Parents Magazine praising the games “”excellent production values, universal human values, appeal to children, and age appropriateness.” Well, I don’t know about all that, but it’s innocent, colorful, and has appealing gameplay for yours truly and entertains the heck out of Sammy. And it has it’s own TV show. Anyway, Sam sits beside me with a controller (sans batteries) and ‘plays’ along with Dad. If you have kiddies in the house, I highly recommend this one.