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Sam goes to NYC

So after abandoning my family for four or five trips to NYC over the last few weeks, I took Amy and soon-to-be six-month-old Sam along this week. They played while I was in meetings Thursday and Friday, and we spent the weekend from Cousin Miriam’s place on the Upper East side. The photo above was taken from Herb Marx’s apartment, overlooking the United Nations, the East River and Queens/Brooklyn. Take a look at the gallery here.

Bob Mould’s US Tour Kicks Off

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Here’s a gallery of photos I shot on Friday night on Bob Mould’s second US show to promote his new album. I’ve become friends with Bob through some mutual acquaintances, and he asked me to shoot the show. His new disc, Body of Song is a return to some of his earlier roots – a lot less electronica, a bit more guitar, and great listen. I’m particularly fond of the track Paralyzed, and the whole disc is must for any Husker Du, Sugar or Bob fan. I first photographed Bob’s last stop in Atlanta in 2002, shortly after Modulate was released. This stop was less about the AV-enhancements and more about the music – and I think the fans appreciated that.

First Fireworks

Emily and Warren Hutmacher were kind enough to invite a crowd over to their place in Avondale Estates for July 4th. It’s a cute little town in the Atlanta environs where Warren is the city manager and wields the unique power to tell them when to start the show. Trouble is, he couldn’t control the weather, too. After a brief thunderstorm, Sam was able to enjoy his first fireworks. No crying! Amazing!
Click here to view the gallery.