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Let sleeping [pandas] lie…

For your daily cute fix, here is Mei Lan, the newest addition to the Zoo Atlanta family of Pandas. Sam and I headed over there last weekend for some quality time, and stood in line to patiendly wait our turn for 15 minutes of watching the mom and daughter sleep. The little one did roll over at one point, hence this photo. I hope to get more opportunities in the coming months.

It’s been a long time…

So today will feature a fast update as I’ve been too darn busy with work to post any updates for some time now. Please check out these galleries, and I promise to be back soon with more and more frequent content posts.

In my most recent photo set, we headed out for a walk to the neighborhood playground with Sam in tow this past Sunday. More pictures here.

We hosted a small get-together for the Super Bowl, and Sam was gung-ho for all the action. He, like dad, is sad that we have at least another six months before we can watch football on the tube again. Click here for more photos.

On a recent sunny but chilly day, we headed to Zoo Atlanta with the Silvermans. Check out all the photos, especially this one of a lion’s breath visible as he roars from atop his habitat.

We also finally renewed our membership to the Georgia Aquarium. The pass now allows us to get in without a reservation, and is a big improvement over last year’s system. Sam and Amy have already gone several times during the day – perfect for the cold months here. Anyway, we had a great time on this visit – photos here.

Here’s a cute picture of Kate and Jay Sandhaus’ little guy, Alex. We got together for dinner a few weeks back at the local kid-friendly hangout Dakota Blue. Alex slept most of the time, but his parents were much more alert, even at the end of a long week on a Friday night. More pics here.

Finally, there is this picture from early January and a few others when Sam decided he wanted to play along with Daddy on the Xbox360. Smart little guy – I look forward to years of getting my butt kicked by his much better reflexes than my own!

First 2007 Trip to the Zoo

It was a beautiful day (as you can see by the blue skies above), and after yesterday’s drenching rain, we were eager to get some fresh air. And I wanted to fool around with the new camera. So off we headed to Zoo Atlanta. Mei Lan isn’t yet on exhibit (soon, we hear), but Sam enjoyed the flamingos, rhinos, elephants, tigers, orangutans, gorillas, chimps and the like. I took some nice images as well. Click here to see the full gallery.