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Now Playing with Fire!

In searching out cool things I could do with this blog, I happened upon the concept of using Kung-Tunes, a spiffy app written by a fellow living in Japan. Not being a PHP wizard, I struggled to get this to work correctly. Googling away on the subject, I happened upon a summary which looked intriguing. Damn – 403 forbidden – no help. I checked the Google cache, and viola! A *great* guide to using the HTTP-post feature of Kung-Tunes to send my currently playing iTunes track to a ‘track-back’ url in the blog. Confused? Read on for the background I grabbed from the Google cache.
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1,000 Words

So, I installed the MTPhotoGallery Movable Type plugin today. See the results at the upper left of the home page of the blog. Spiffy, no?!? This plugin allows display of image files based on various parameters. In this case, I’ve set it up to pull a non-thumbnail sized image from our honeymoon photo gallery. There are a few hundred pics in there – so repetition shouldn’t be too frequent. On top of that, I installed the MT-Rebuild module. That let’s me setup a cron job to regularly regenerate the blog, and update the picture. It’s supposed to update just after midnight – but it seems to update more frequently. More reading on CRON required now. Yawn…
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