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Wine 2.0

Okay all you geeks out there – now for something really useful coming out of the winelogdotnetWeb 2.0 biddness – a fresh-for-2006 site to let you research, catalog and of course – TAG – your wine drinking – WineLog.net. The site includes a nice bit of integration with mobile, allowing a user to send wine details to a portable device. Along with trying to remember to send moblog photos of any wines we drink to the Flickr Wine Memory Jogger group. It’s free to register on WineLog, so give it a try – I know I will.

San Francisco QuickTrip

Flickr Photo

I took a quick trip out to San Francisco for a DoubleClick meeting in
Napa Oct 16-Oct19. I visited Shane and Vicki Holland and their adorable
little man Ian. Just a few pics since I left my charger at home :-(.
But I did manage to get a few cute pics of Ian and a nice view of the Golden Gate Bridge. In addition to getting a lovely head/chest infection, the DoubleClick meetings were enjoyable – notable for the fabulous dinner at Cakebread Cellars. I spent more on wine I shipped back home than I probably should have. But hey – how often can I get my hands on a reserve wine a winery I love doesn’t retail anywhere but at their own vineyard.

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