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NYT profiles Rooster Teeth, machinima makers

The New York Times has published a a seven-page spread that chronicles the emergence of the machinima series Red Vs. Blue as a crossover hit, beginning with the series first episode, Why are we here? in which a couple of soldiers ponder the meaning of their existence.

The Times even quotes that classic piece of dialogue in which one of the red soldiers ponders,”Why are we out here? Far as I can tell, it’s just a box canyon in the middle of nowhere, with no way in or out. And the only reason we set up a red base here is because they have a blue base there. And the only reason they have a blue base over there is because we have a red base here.”

The article will either educate you (if you’ve never watched machinima).

Read the story here

(Via Joystiq.)

CVS Camcorder download alpha

Cvs-Camcorder-1Someone has created a how-to for extracting video from the recently released CVS disposable camcorders. They are cheap devices intended for one-time use. Had the opportunity to fool around with these at a recent off-site for TBS. Interesting possibilities…

First you need to build a USB cable. Next, plug in the camera and create an inf file using libUSB. Finally, grab the OPS program and start extracting the video. Here is the thread announcing the release. Congratulations to BillW, morcheeba, daBass and anyone else who helped contribute to the project.

Here is Make’s chronology of how this latest development happened.

(Via MAKE:Blog.)

Train Wreck near Augusta Illustrates Vulnerability

A train wreck in Graniteville, SC, about a dozen miles from Augusta, GA, points out a glariing weakness in U.S. homeland security to an intentional attack on hazardous materials transportation systems. This was an accident, and eight are known dead. The ‘hot-zone’ in close proximity to the derailment has not yet been entered, and more casualties may be found when the area is clear. I can only shudder thinking about this type of incident happening in a densely populated area instead of in the relatively rural area where this incident occured. I hope my former colleague Ron Cockerille (who’s photo from the decontamination efforts appears at right) is making sure he avoids breathing too hard covering this story.

AugustaChronicle.com Picture Story here.
Chronicle story on the disaster here.