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Bad Memories

So this intrepid soul with too much time on his hands recreated the infamous Game Six of the 1986 World Series last inning with the much-loved retro goodness of RBI Baseball from the Super Nintendo. It still pains me to hear the call when Buckner missed Mookie’s grounder to first. I had frankly forgotten that Gedman let a wild pitch by to score the tying run. SO he sucks as well!

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April Showers

The family headed to CRW_8965Rochester for a reminder that Spring has not fully sprung across the entire country – as well as a great visit with Amy’s extended family. My mom also joined us for the trip. We’ve had some rain earlier in the week, and it’s been quite chilly – especially today as we prepare to head back to the A-T-L. In the 40s here, expected to hit 85 today at home. Now there’s a contrast for ya. Sam had a fab time with all his grandparents in attendance, and thoroughly enjoyed our visit to the Seneca Park Zoo (photo of Amy, Sam and a playful polar bear at right) and the Strong Museum. He also took to singing along with the crowd at both Seders. Zoo gallery here. Passover/Family gallery is here.

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Drudge dusts off eight-year-old picture of CNN’s O’Brien to promote himself

Drudge Obrien2

On August 9, Web gossip Matt Drudge reprinted the cover of an issue of Small Business Computing magazine on his website. The cover showed CNN American Morning co-host Soledad O’Brien posing next to a computer monitor displaying the Drudge Report website. Drudge’s item is headlined “CNN ANCHOR DISPLAYS HER FAVORITE WEBSITE.” While Drudge presented the cover as though it were a current issue, the cover actually dates from September 1997 — a time when O’Brien wasn’t even employed by CNN. Click image to see a larger view

The item’s text proclaimed:

Soledad O’Brien knows where the latest news can be found on the Internet: The DRUDGE REPORT! The fast-rising cable news star was all smiles as she posed for SMALL BUSINESS COMPUTING magazine, proudly displaying her “favorite website.”

When the September 1997 issue of Small Business Computing was published, O’Brien was the host of MSNBC’s now-defunct daily program The Site. O’Brien did not join CNN’s staff until 2003.

(Via MediaMatters.org).

Time Warner Cable testing broadband TV service

time warner
In what sounds like IPTV in Cable’s clothing, GigaOm (and Engadget) talk about the new experiment Time Warner Cable has announced in San Diego to allow subscirbers to stream up to 75 different cable channels over the web using Real Network’s Real Player (including CNN and other networks). No plans announced to roll this out more widely, but they do mention that the next version will add DVR-like functionality to record content on your PC, closed captioning, VOD and multiple live streams.

Link: Broadcasting & Cable on the project
Link: GigaOm’s blog on the trial

(Via GigaOm)