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Another Happy Birthday


Sam, as one of the elders in his playgroup, led the way a few weeks ago with his first birthday party – it’s been a sucession of great events organized by the hippest parents around. Here are pics from his buddy Ayden’s party held on Sunday – his parents threw a great event – yummy food for the parents, cheerio necklaces for the tykes and great kid-appropriate cupcakes for the under-1-year-old attendees. Click here for the gallery.

17 inches of goodness – plus ads on your iPod

Two big bits of news today – first that Apple unveiled the new 17" Intel MacBookPro just in time for the kickoff of the NAB show out in Vegas (via TUAW). Along with that, there’s an interesting article discussing efforts between ESPN (and most likely other members of the Disney Internet Group) and Apple to integrate advertising in a more significant way  (reg. required at Advertising Age). Two rants as a result – where is my 12" MacBook Pro? My back cannot deal with the 6.8 pounds of computer in that 17-incher. And on the ads front, I’m all for it. With the size of the podcasting audience today, there is a real market for ad-supported content for those of us who just don’t want to pay for premium materials. Bring on the tracking and reporting, and Madison Ave will beat a path to your door.

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Back to the Botanical Garden


As you can see in the photo above, Sam had a fabulous time during our visit yesterday. It was a beautiful sunny Sunday, so we headed out to the Atlanta Botanical Gardens. On display were sculptures by Niki de Saint Phalle, featuring glittering mosaics of glass, stones and mirrors. Sam loved these, and we enjoyed all the flora. See the full gallery here.

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