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Twitter Updates for 2010-11-05

  • Paul Root Wolpe: We could soon see glow-in-the-dark humans, already have mouse, cats, monkeys via coral/jellyfish cell tech #tedxpt #
  • It gets better – DARPA has created radio controlled flying bug bots which can carry cameras, perhaps ordinance in the future. #tedxpt #
  • 2x amputee and Iron Man champ Scott Rigsby quotes Helen Keller: it’s a terrible thing 2 see but have no vision #tedxpt #
  • RT @ChristinaCNN: #tedxpt must watch http://www.ted.com/talks/sheena_iyengar_on_the_art_of_choosing.html #
  • Sitting next to former MLB center fielder Doug Glanville at #TEDxPT. Nice guy, even if he was a Yankee. #
  • Dantes Rameau talks about el Systemo, the Venezuelan immersive kids music program – four hours/day. And he’s brought this to ATL #tedxpt #
  • @bkrasnove yeah, he said he was a Yankee for a heartbeat or so. #
  • Music feeds the souls of these underprivileged kids – looking for great things from The Atlanta Music System and Dantes Rameau #tedxpt #
  • Beth Mynatt – the best tech disappears when it is implemented #tedxpt #
  • WaterBrick – helping provide potable H2O for Haiti in containers reusable as home building material. Def an idea worth spreading #tedxpt #
  • Play is a key to adult possibilities – Pamela Mayer, TedXpt #
  • Its imperative that kids are empowered to grow up and blow u away. Adora Svitak, 12 yr old, a TED talk you really must see #tedxpt #
  • Doug Glanville, first African-American Ivy Leaguer to play in the Major Leagues, now presenting at #tedxpt #
  • As an engineer by training @dougglanville wanted to know the mechanics of the game – as a result got labeled ‘too school for cool’ #tedxpt #
  • To shift perception is the seedling of change – @dougglanville #tedxpt #
  • A great day at TEDxPeachtree capped off by ASO clarinetist Alcides Rodriguez – looking forward to next year! #tedxpt #

Twitter Updates for 2010-10-19

  • RealGirls CEO Kate Everett Thorpe – the last 12 months have seen shift from social networking to social media #digiday #
  • “@BennettZucker: Maria Breza @Bloomberg displays RFPs on digital boards to all its media sales groups #digiday” #
  • John Yemma Christian Sci Monitor sees little ROI in online news video. That’s missing an opp for CSM photojournalists & sales #digiday #