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A long year of travel

According to my trip log on Dopplr.com (a great site, check it out if you haven’t seen it), I took 26 trips for a total of over 45,000 miles – or about 20% of the way to the Moon. The photos from this, my last business trip of the year, were taken in the Seattle area in late December. I really like this image of the very first de-icing I can ever remember undergoing, even all my years in Boston. Maybe I’m just suffering from short term memory loss – or jetlag from too much flying in 2008. Anyway, check out Dopplr, or my new fave travel site – tripit.com. They have a spiffy feature where you forward your itinerary you get form the airline, hotel, rental car company etc – and they automatically import the details of your trips into the system. Giving dopplr a run for their money. 

Savannah Wildlife Refuge

Back in mid-November, we headed home to visit my mom and brother Jerry in Savannah. As we were driving from our hotel to my mom’s place, Noah fell asleep, so we needed to hunt for something to do and allow Noah to get a much-needed nap. So off to the Savannah Wildlife Refuge we went. Just 10 miles North of the city over in South Carolina, I always loved going there to look at the ‘gators, birds and foliage. Sam enjoyed it, and Noah slept most of the time. We won’t talk about the fire ant incident. Amy was itching for days. Click below to see the gallery of photos from our visit.

everybody wang chung tonight

hong kong from the peak
Yes, it’s a reference to a somewhat annoyingly catchy 80s tune – but it also refers to Chinese belief in the mystical power of music. Well, I can’t tell you much about that as we didn’t have time to hear much other than some funk emanating from the hotel bar on our arrival and the cheesy ‘zen relaxation’ CD in our Mandarin Oriental rooms, but I can say that I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my visit to Hong Kong this past week. I’m writing this post as dawn breaks over the tarmac at Seoul’s Incheon Airport, where the Korean Air 747s are lined up like pale blue birds sunning themselves in the morning light. We have a five hour layover here before the 13+ hour flight back to Atlanta – although my ticket says I leave at 10am and arrive at 10:30am. Too bad that’s just a deceitful lie! I’ll write more about the trip when I return, but for now, check out the slideshow of photos I’ve uploaded so far. I have a few more from the Mong Kok market area to add as well. See you in a seven thousand or so miles.