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ATL Traffic on the iPhone

Atlanta Traffic Cams for the iPhoneWith it being too blazingly hot to venture out today, I sat down to doodle around with a spiffy iPhone UI dev kit and a simple site a gentleman up the road in Tennessee built to provide an iPhone-optimized UI to department of transportation traffic cams. Since Atlanta has some of the worst traffic in the country, and I know plenty of my friends have to face that commute regularly and quite a few pack an iPhone or two, a custom version for Atlanta seemed to make sense.

You can see the results of my first iPhone coding experiment here – best viewed obviously on an iPhone.

I saw James R Whitson’s application, TN Traffic Cams for the iPhone on MockDock, a handy reference site for all the latest iPhone sites. James site, SquareWorld, also features a spiffy college football application as well. The UI toolkit was developed by Joe Hewitt, the maker of my favorite Firefox plugin, Firebug. James original inspiration came from an OSX Dashboard widget by Cale Mooth, Midnight Cheese. Anyway, it was interesting to see how CSS and JS behave on the phone, although putting together all those screens from GeorgiaNavigator was not a whole lot of fun. Please give me any feedback you might have on this. Thanks.