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iChatAV on CNN’s Situation Room

Cnn1 You go Wolf! On the debut of Wolf Blitzer’s new show yesterday, our favorite blog reporters Jacki Schechner and Abbi Tatton held a webcam interview with Joichi Ito, who then wrote about the interview on his blog. Joichi explains that Abbi had found him via a mention on another weblog (BuzzMachine) where Jeff Jarvis discussed Ito’s op-ed piece on the anniversary of the use of nuclear weapons over Japan. Macworld UK also talks about the use of the technology.

Link: Macworld UK talks about the use of iChatAV on CNN

Link: Ito talks about his appearance on CNN

Link: CNN’s show page for The Situation Room

Update: TVNewser has a round up on reax to the first broadcast.

Fox News Remains Partisan, Less Capable in Tsunami Coverage

The recent natural disaster of biblical proportions points out Fox News lack of resources compared to it’s biggest rival, according to this column at Salon.com (membership required, or watch a short commercial for a day pass to read this story). The article points out a limited amount of staff dispatched to the region by Fox (while CNN has 75+ in the affected countries) and lots of partisan us v. them discussion. My favorite is this bit about a Fox host thinking out loud about where the relief money was going.

Fox host John Gibson bemoaned the fact that U.S. relief — getting water, food and shelter to millions of destitute people — might be part of an insurance scam to simply pay for the cost of rebuilding a resort community. “This is the travel industry, major big hotel companies,” he said last week. “How is it that United States taxpayers are going to be convinced you have to build hotels in Phuket?” He worried aloud that “Thailand, Indonesia, India, the countries that got hit [will] say, ‘We need dough and we need buckets of it to fix all this so Swedes can go on vacation in Phuket again.'”

Hey, dumb#@%! There are close to 200k dead from this thing, and you are talking about the possibility some money might revitalize a Thai resort? Give me a break!