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Noah News!

beach wear, originally uploaded by jetrotz.

Amy tells me that this blog is suffering from second-child-syndrome – that I’m neglecting son #2 in the quantity of news posts about his antics and general cuteness. So this is intended to remedy that.

Noah gets cuter and cuter by the day. Above, you can see him sporting one of my favorite new expressions – this ‘who me?’ look as he bashfully casts his glance your way as he tries to shove one (or at times, two) fists into his mouth. Yes, he does seem to be teething. He’s wearing his new bucket hat I brought back for him from my recent trip to South Beach – he’s ready for Summer!

What else? Well, he’s rolling over on his tummy with regularity now, giggles, laughs and smiles at pretty much anything, and earlier this week, seems to have realized that those hands are connected to him – holding them up in front of his face, reaching out quite purposefully, and generally entertaining himself with his own appendages.

Rainy Sunday

The family is taking it easy, staying at home today. Amy is under the weather, and it’s been pouring most of the day. Sam is more entertaining than any day out and about town, so we’re still having a grand old time. In the past week or so, it seems like more and more of those little synapses are firing – and hitting. Although we think his recent early AM wake-up calls may be the sign of another upper tooth coming in, he’s been most helpful lately using the simple sign language we’ve been showing him since he was about six months old. During a 4:30 AM cyring jag, he was standing in the crib, putting his fists together to say ‘I’m hungry’. Officially, that means ‘more,’ but who’s gonna argue with a 13-month old? He also knows how to say ‘all done’ by moving his hands, palms down, from side-to-side. And of course there is the plaintive lifting of both hands when he’s on the ground in a sign for ‘UP!’ All very cute, and frankly amazing for us first-time parents to watch.