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Sam has developed a fascinating new concept. Last week, when he would ask us to tell him a story, and for whatever reason – say, we were in the shower, or perhaps, juggling lit torches – we would defer the storytelling until later because we didn’t have a story to tell him right then, he began saying that he was “putting a story in our head from mine.” Yesterday, he was in the car with Amy and our friend Leslie. He asked Leslie to tell him a story, but since she was pooped, she declined. So Sam said he was going to take the story he put in her head from his and put it in mommys head. Quite the concept of where stories come from, eh?

The Imagination of a 3-year-old

This quote from Sam, as told to Amy during lunch today when she told Sam that we had two parties to attend this weekend:

I am going to take all the people at the party  and put them in my head. And then they will be in my brain…And I won’t like that. And then I’m going to spit them out. They will slide down my tongue and I will spit them out.