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NFL Podcasts

Well, not exactly. It’s not an XML feed – it’s a pay-to-download deal the NFL has struck with Audible.com to offer day-after recordings of the remaining playoff games, plus the Superbowl. Games should cost users $10 each, or up to $5 for game highlights. Yawn. Who wants to listen to a game after the fact. Especially football. I hope Audible didn’t pay too much for this deal. Read more in this AP story.


I was less interested in watching most of the NFL games this Sunday since I’d (a) watched the dramatic Falcons win on Saturday night in person and (b) was elminated from the playoffs in Leroy the Hoard FFL. So I was half-interested in the Packers v. Jaguars game yesterday afternoon, waiting for that wacky Ricky Williams interview on 60 Minutes. What Donovin Darius did to Robert Ferguson was obscene. Disgusting. He got thrown out of the game, but he deserves a very serious fine. I swear, it looked like Ferguson was hit in such a way he might never walk again. Thank goodness, while he lost feeling in his legs for a while, reports are that he’ll be OK. He spent the night in the hospital. Let’s hope the NFL has Darius spend some serious time in the doghouse for a hit the announcers said they hadn’t seen in the NFL since the 60s.

Vick’s Longest Yard

In a game that SI.com called a ‘feathered frenzy,’ Michael Vick and the Atlanta Falcons pulled out a 3-point win on a crazy Saturday night in the A-T-L. Thanks to my buddy Jeff Diecks and his season tickets, I was in the stands cheering myself hoarse. With a 24-10 lead theirs to blow, the Falcons let Muhsin Muhammad and the Carolina Panthers come back in a big way and take the lead. But like another great play I saw at the dome a few years back, reminiscent of the ‘longest yard’ heartbreaker for the Rams in the Super Bowl, Vick made an amazing dash for the end zone to tie the game and force overtime. A few plays and a key INT later (courtesy of Michael Beasley), Jay Feely kicked the game-winning FG. Great stuff, if a late night.