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Savannah in Summary

Spotlight on the Stairs

Although I blogged about our trip to Savannah while we were there (twice, actually), I wanted to highlight some other photos I’ve just managed to get around to posting – there are some good ones of the little guy in there. As you can see above, Sam LOVES the stairs at my Mom’s place, and wasn’t happy unless he was crawling up and down them. I’ll be on the road in San Francisco for the next few days, but hope to post some images if I find anything to shoot between meetings. Full photo gallery of the Savannah visit is here.

To the Roundhouse!


We’re in Savannah to visit Sam’s grandmother, my brother Jerry, and his dog Scarlett. Despite the heat, we paid a visit to the Revolutionary Battlefield and Roundhouse Museum this afternoon. Here is a gallery of photos from our trip to the Roundhouse.

Savannah to Atlanta The Savannah Roundhouse is a National Historic Ladmark site, an antebellum (circa 1851) railroad complex complete with a restored turntable where full size locomotives and rail cars could be serviced in the ‘Savannah Shops.’ The location was also the scene of the Siege of Savannah, the 1779 battle where the Americans attempted to retake the city after its capture by the British. Polish nobleman Casimir Pulsaski died fighting on behalf of the Americans, and I recall my father’s participation in various commemorations of his actions on the 200th anniversary of his death in the late 1970s. Dad was born in Poland. The nearby old Savannah Jewish Cemetery was also the scene of some of this fighting, and although closed to the public, I remember going there with my Mom as a kid and being fascinated by the bullet markings in the headstones there.

Driver 8 or Engine 8? We went across the street in the heat today to let Sam get up close and personal with his new favorite obsession – TRAINS! The museum itself is great, and Sam enjoyed all the big machinery. The gravel is less-than-stroller-friendly, and the museum shop has a bit too much Thomas the Tank Engine gear; but we had a great time. I think back to my pre-teen years picking blackberries in the rambles that surrounded the then-abandoned Roundhouse Complex, and the time that the Savannah-based Army Rangers had urban warfare exercises here in the late 70s – and I watched from my Dad’s store nearby. We tried to stop in to see what Thrifty looks like these days, but they were closing up for the day – but the old turnstile I played on as a kid is still there!



So my old buddies in the new media department of The Savannah Morning News are going all Web 2.0 and relaunching their web presence from a very 1999-era treatment to a clearly forward-looking model incorporating user generated content (blogs, flickr-like photo products etc), a clean (if gradient-heavy) design, and other helpful features like RSS. The beta of the site is available here; the old site is here. Like most newspaper sites today, there is a level of content that requires registration – but taking a page from MySpace and AIMPages, has the added benefit of giving the user a personalized home page where you can post entries, photos, link to other sites, etc. Kudos to the editorial and technical teams for putting this well conceived next-gen newspaper site together. Now if only there were a nice gallery of all my photos I shot during my time there at the then News-Press from 1989-1994, I’d be really happy!