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Sky High

Transamerica - Day

Meant to post this a while back. I was in San Francisco for the recent Ad:Tech Conference. This was the view from the hallway of my hotel- an amazing panorama from the Golden Gate Bridge (far left, out of frame) to the Transamerica Building, Coit Tower, Alcatraz and the Bay Bridge (far right, out of frame). A truly amazing view. The show was excellent as well, and I spoke to some very bright folks involved in the burgeoning ad business. DoubleClick was showing off their Exchange product and new logo (very Web 2.0 green), there were more ad networks than you could shake a stick at, and video ad syndication plays were everywhere.

AdOps Summit I


Big thanks go out to Dan Murphy (above) and Adrian D’Souza (along with Matthew Goldstein – more on that later) for organizing the first meeting of the leaders of digital advertising operations from most of the leading players in the industry at C|Net’s offices in San Francisco last week. The discussion was relevant, engaging and well worth our time – and highlights how important our challenges are as more and more revenue is brought to bear on our not-so-‘new’-media. I’m looking forward to our next meeting. For now, here are a few quick snaps from the Monday night dinner at Hawthorne Lane, sponsored by Rapt, a pricing/optimization vendor for the interactive industry. We missed having Matthew in attendance, as he’s left Viacom for a new gig at Tacoda – for now, we’re publisher-only in this group, so Matt was unable to attend after helping organize the event in the first place.

My Trip to Holland


Well, not actually the country, but the family. I had a chance to spend the afternoon with my old buddy Shane and his family. Vicki’s parents have left chilly Connecticut and relocated permanently to the Bay Area, and were enjoying time with Ian (now 2-ish) and Max, who only arrived a few months ago. Boy are those kids cute! Click here for the gallery featuring the kids, with a good dose of grandparents thrown in as well!

I left my…in San Francisco


Actually, to my own amazement, I don’t think I left anything behind. But I did have a great time visiting that most civilized of cities last week. Here is a gallery of shots, scenic and otherwise, I shot while there. My base of operations was the lovely Hotel Vitale on the Embarcadero, with my room overlooking the Bay Bridge. The weather was cool (mid-60s), and the fog came and went, adding to the experience. As I noted to my fellow Atlanta-bound travellers as we entered SFO when leaving, that’s the last time I’m likely to feel those sorts of temps at midday until October or so at home.