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First Video

041108ultrasound.jpgGotta love the technology – but it still seems odd to have no audio. Kinda like a silent movie. Anywho, here is the very first video of our baby, the advanced ultrasound taken at twenty weeks. The little one passed with flying colors, and you can count ten fingers – and ten toes! Baby rolls around a bit, moving hands, legs, and generally just looks like a perfect little one! Click here or on the image to watch the video.

In Record Time

Amy had a visit with Dr. Lee today. In at 1:30pm, out by 2pm. Wham bam thank you, er – doctor. Baby’s heartbeat is 145 – reportedly normal, but that sounds fast to me! What are we gonna raise, a hummingbird or a baby? The kicks seem to continue, although yours truly has been unable to feel them his own self.