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Don’t believe everything you read

ibookg4.jpgBoo-hoo. Rumors that today would herald the announcement of a new consumer MacBook are apparently untrue. I suppose we will all have to be patient. It’s encouraging that there are also expected to be iPod updates. I’m not even going to speculate on those changes, however. I was all jazzed for this today, and wonder if the rumour mill may have actually backfired – causing Apple to delay this release, just to spite the leakers.

Apple Computer’s highly anticipated line of Intel-based MacBook consumer notebooks may not turn up on Tuesday as several online reports and analysts have suggested, AppleInsider has learned. Although Apple reportedly began manufacturing the notebooks over a week ago, sources say the Mac maker is unlikely to unveil the computers until the following week at the earliest. The 13-inch widescreen notebooks will reportedly arrive in tandem with changes to the company’s iPod line.

( via AppleInsider)

CNN’s Anderson Cooper by Diane Arbus

As featured in last Friday’s New York Times (free registration required), there is a new retrospective of Diane Arbus’ spooky photography currently on display at the Metropolitan Museum after touring several other US cities. Baby-rearing blog DaddyTypes points out a centerpiece of that collection is a portrait of Gloria Vanderbilt’s infant son, Anderson Cooper. Yes, CNN’s own Anderson Cooper.
The portrait, shot for Harper’s Bazaar, is described in Patricia Bosworth’s Arbus biography:

“To dispel the growing myth that [Arbus] only took pictures of freaks, she made up a list of elegant people she wanted to photograph…As if to prove her point, she took a remarkable portrait of Gloria Vanderbilt’s sleeping baby son, Anderson Hays Cooper, for a Harper’s Bazaar Valentine issue. In this truly astonishing picture, the infant resembles a flat white death’s head — eyes sealed shut, moth pursed and moist with saliva. When Gloria Vanderbilt saw the photograph, she forbade Bazaar to publish it, but eventually she changed her mind and this stunning image opened Diane’s retrospective at the Museum of Modern Art in 1972.”

A current photo of Mr. Cooper can be found here.