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Livin’ it Up, Rochester Style

This video gem, created in 1963 around the time of the opening of Rochester’s Midtown Plaza Mall, is a beautiful little time capsule that captures a rich time in the history of Amy’s hometown. There’s a brief glimpse here of Pittsford Plaza, too, which is just around the corner from Amy’s childhood home. Hat-tip to my friend John Mitchell, who’s wife also grew up in the thriving Rochester metropolis.

Rochester & Canandaigua Lake

The last leg of our vacation began with a 7-hour trek with Amy’s folks down the Mass Pike to Rochester. Sam was our main source of entertainment, shunning even the mention of taking a nap, instead regaling us with songs and stories most of the way. Once in Rochester, we had a great time – heading down to Bristol to see Uncle Stan and Ruth as well as more Handelman cousins than I’ve ever seen in one location. Sam enjoyed his first time in a lake, and on this trip, the male cousins of Boston were replaced by girls, girls and more girls. Sam did not mind one bit. We also took in a game at Rochester’s Frontier Field, and despite anticipation that Giambi was going to appear in the course of his rehab before joining the bigs again, that didn’t happen. More photos can be found here.

Passover in Rochester

The family headed North to Amy’s hometown for Pesach. Sam had a fabulous time with his cousins and grandparents, and dad enjoyed some relief from Atlanta’s insane pollen count. Read on for some of my favorite photos from the visit, or head straight to the full photo gallery on Flickr.

Above, Sammy and his grandma play a duet.

At the second Seder, we also celebrated Taylor’s birthday. Unlike that cold April day 13 years ago, it did not snow. That happened two days later, after we returned to Atlanta.

And to entertain the little ones, we headed off to the newly renovated Strong Museum (of Play). They now have a wonderful butterfly (and moth) habitat, as well as much-improved interactive displays that Sam and Jaimey just loved.

Monarch Mania!

My nephew Taylor Hogan’s Rochester (NY) Monarchs made it to the USA Hockey Tier1 12-and-under semi-finals of the national organization’s annual hockey tournament. We had flown into Rochester for the Passover holiday, and were able to make the drive over to Buffalo where the championships were being held to see the semi-final game. The Rochester Monarchs unfortunately lost to the Colorado Thunderbirds team 6-4. But check out the ‘do on the Rochester team members! The whole gallery can be found here.