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One stop portal on the PSP – WinPSPortal

Wp2502 I’d use this if I upgraded to 2.0. What this is meant to be is an offline website, accessible at all times by your PSP. If you do have an internet connection, there is an assortment of links to help you through the internet without using PSP’s dial-a-key-board, including fast links to e-mail, searches, and online messengers. This is accessible to anybody using the official PSP Firmware 2.00 built-in browser. Link to WinPSPortal is here. Via Makezine.

PSP firmware v2.0 available

PSP firmware v2.0 available: “White PSP

The new PSP firmware with embedded web browser (no more need to hack WipeoutPure) is out in the wild now. If you keep up to date with these things then you probably already know about this; the PSP firmware v2.0 update has
been released. Currently it’s only available on the Japanese PSP site so unless you speak Japanese you’ll need to use a
web translator to find the right link. The US version should be out later in the day if you don’t want to take the
risk. One other word of caution – this will wipe out some capabilities for homebrew hacks. I’ll probably patch later tonight and update tomorrow.

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