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May the handheld mayhem commence…

GTA for PSP Arrives

Woo doggy! While my local EBGames has no copies, and the one I ordered from Gamestop is backordered with no estimated delivery, I was seriously bumming earlier this week. Lo and behold, a friend here at work drops this copy into my hands – seems he didn’t need this copy for a while. The game is excellent – it took a bit of time to get used to driving with the tiny stick, and I do wish the screen were larger. But it’s like old home week revisiting good ol’ Liberty City and my favorite hangouts. Certainly is easier to play knowing the rough city layout like the back of my hand. The wife doesn’t appreciate the sound of mayhem coming from the PSP – but it’s gotta be better than in the living room! 2 thumbs up so far for this one…

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Official GTA Liberty City Stories Web Site Launches


Oh my my. Rockstar Games has launched a website dedicated to what looks to be the PSP killer appGrand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories. The site has an amusing backstory for the pending Playstation Portable title, including a link to a fake Ammunation.net site. The site features emails to a reporter at the Liberty City daily rag, the ‘Liberty Tree’, all rendered in yellow-on-blue CC:Mail glory and give us some insight as we not-so-patiently wait for the release of the game on October 24th.

Link: Rockstar Games: Grand Theft Auto Liberty City Stories Official Web Site

Link: IGN.com preview with plenty of detail, plus the trailer

Link: Classic 1998-era web design for Paulie’s Revue Bar

Coke downloads for Wipeout Pure

Coca-Cola is creating custom content for the PSP game Wipeout Pure, available only to users in Japan as of now. The content will include new ships, courses, menu graphics etc. This is, AFAIK, the first time a sponsor has developed this type of ‘add-on’ functionality for a portable title like this. Could this be where the much-discussed advertising dollars start being spent to reach the refugees from traditional media who spend their time blowing stuff up sted watching the boob tube?

Link: Cokestyle.net (in Japanese).

(Via PSPvault.com)

SOCOM PSP Hits November

Socompsp Screen002-Thumb

Gamespot’s cobbled together quite a collection of interesting details about SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs Fireteam Bravo for the PSP. The handheld version of the shooter, set to hit stores on Nov. 8, will feature WiFi multiplayer mode, data syncing with SOCOM 3 on the PS2 and an instant action mode which will drop you into a firefight for five to 10 minute bursts.

The game will include 14 single player missions, each set in different international locations.

SOCOM Enlists PSPs Nov. 8 [Gamespot]