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Party Like It’s 2004

halloween 2007
Now I’m not saying this is the only reason, but I do not believe it’s purely coincidental that the Red Sox have only won the World Series in any years since 1918 when my lovely wife was not pregnant! With Sam in 2004, and now with the player yet-to-be-named roiling around in Amy’s belly in her 39th week, our beloved Sox have won yet again. Now while I’d like to assure all my Red Sox friends that we will keep up our end of this bargain, I may need some help convincing Amy of the same. Anyway, I’m darn ecstatic, and know that Sammy will be at least as excited when he wakes up to hear the news in the morning. Go SOX!

T Minus Five…

Well, the big day moves closer and closer. Looks like we will still win the great 2008 baby race with Amy’s sister-in-law, the ‘other’ Amy Handelman. It’s a long story, but we sold the naming rights in 2003. Anyway, Amy H in Rochester has a date for her baby, November 21st, just in time for Turkey Day. We are of course due on Halloween. Amy is getting a bit more uncomfortable, but continues to look just great. I told her yesterday that I continue to be in awe of what she is going through, and doing so for the second time is even more remarkable to me. Stay tuned for for more updates!

T Minus Seven

So we are in the final stretch. That’s getting quite literal for Amy – her belly seems to be straining to unheralded proportions, but she looks and feels great. There are some more oopmhs and groans this week as Trotz 2.0 adjusts positions, and we’ve seen some great Alien-esque effects as a knee or elbow strain for room inside the womb and extrude from her stomach. No signs of any activity yet – stay tuned here or via my Twitter page or Facebook profile or Flickr gallery to get the first notification that we are on our way. Sam seems a little stressed these last few days, being a bit more tantrum-prone than usual – I think he realizes his solo gig is soon to end. I still know he’s going to be a fabulous big brother.

Trotz 2.0


So we’ve been keeping this somewhat quiet, but we’ve passed a major milestone and are ready to let everyone know. I am so happy to announce that little Trotz #2 is expected to arrive this October (31st, to be exact), and both mom and baby-to-be are doing very well as we finish up our 18th week. Amy has been a bit sicker than the first time out, but it’s certainly helped to know more-or-less what we were expecting. We’ve had several advanced ultrasound sessions and this baby is MUCH more active than Sam was – flipping around, moving arms and legs, etc. Sam has decided that he’s having a sister – but for now, we are declining to find out that tidbit of info in advance. We’ll see if we hold off or not. Look for more updates here as we progress.