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Home for the Holidays

See the post a few entries down. After way too much travel in 2008, we spent the entire holidays staying close to home, playing tourist in our own town. Several friends came through as well – always a good excuse to hit the aquarium. We hung out at the High. We brought our kids together with friends as much as we could. We attended more Hannukah parties than I can recall – and ate far too many latkes. It was a rejuvenating experience to not push ourselves to get on the road. I think we’ll do it again soon!

Rochester Thanksgiving

We headed North for Thanksgiving with the Handelman clan. It was everything that holiday feels like it should be – a fire in the fireplace, grandmas and grandpas doting on their grandchildren, and a beautiful snowfall to top it all off and make Sam (and his Dad) happy to have taken the trip. We had a grand time with everyone, playing in the snow, getting Noah and Carter to spend quality time together (and celebrate their birthdays), visiting the natural history and kids museums, and just hanging out.