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It’s the Music, Stupid

In my years as a journalist, there was a saying I was always fond of – ‘It’s the content, stupid.’ Well, I’d like to take poetic license and suggest that this applies to ballet as well. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution article (free registration required) reports this morning that the Atlanta Ballet orchestra has gone up in smoke – they have made the ‘hard decision’ to use only recorded music in all future productions. This move affects nearly 50 musicians, and will allegedly save the organization close to $400,000. What’s troubling in my mind is that the newspaper report indicates the Ballet was in the black with their 2005 fiscal year, yet suddenly needs to find a way to cut this much in costs (their total budget is reported at $7M). This issue is not unique, but for a city of Atlanta’s size, and a dance company of this stature, it’s a sad thing indeed.

Ben at Bonnaroo

Can’t make it to the hinterlands of Tennessee? ben_plays_bonnaroo.png The good folks from AT&T are showing off their ability to show stuttering video via their high speed networks with a live video webcast of many of the acts from this year’s alt music festival and arts extravaganza happening about 200 miles north of Atlanta. Two of my faves – Ben Folds is on the air at 3pm ET today and Elvis Costello will be up at 6:30pm Saturday – will be featured. Unfortunately, neither Death Cab for Cutie or Radiohead will be streamed from the AT&T site. Link to AT&T’s ‘BlueRoom’ live streaming is here.

Bob Mould’s US Tour Kicks Off

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Here’s a gallery of photos I shot on Friday night on Bob Mould’s second US show to promote his new album. I’ve become friends with Bob through some mutual acquaintances, and he asked me to shoot the show. His new disc, Body of Song is a return to some of his earlier roots – a lot less electronica, a bit more guitar, and great listen. I’m particularly fond of the track Paralyzed, and the whole disc is must for any Husker Du, Sugar or Bob fan. I first photographed Bob’s last stop in Atlanta in 2002, shortly after Modulate was released. This stop was less about the AV-enhancements and more about the music – and I think the fans appreciated that.

iTunes Goodies

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The weekly iTunes New Music Tuesday email was a welcome sight in my inbox today. News of Death Cab for Cutie’s first major-label disc (with bonus video, liner notes and exclusive tracks for preorders) and a single from Fiona Apple. Happy, happy, joy, joy! Fiona is available today (2 tracks), and the DCFC disc called Plans comes out August 30th.

Link: Fiona Apple O’Sailor/Parting Gift.
Link: Death Cab for Cutie’s Plans (preorder)