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HHGTTG Reviewed!

Some lucky SOB saw an early screening of the long-awaited Hitchihikers Guide to the Galaxy movie and is reporting on it – although the movie isn’t due to be released until May 6, 2005. Anyway, he teases us with a BBC video clip of a bit of the movie – the link is dead, site not found. Could be a slashdot effect, or the video was intentionally pulled. Whatever. He has a favorable review, although this bit about Zaphod’s second head in his freaking nostril is wacky. But perhaps more sensible for purposes of video.
Read his review here.
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Official renderings here.

HHGTTG – The Movie – Finally

h2g2800x600a.jpgOpening May 6, 2005 – Let the countdown begin – but don’t panic!

As one of the most original, laugh-out-loud while-thinking how-odd-the-universe-really-is type-of-books, The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, has finally made it to the ‘wrap’ phase of production. Douglas Adams, taken from us at far too young an age, unfortunately died without knowing that his beloved novel would go on to become a motion picture after over ten years of heartbreak at the hands of the Hollywood machine. Head on over to the official movie site to see the teaser trailer. Or click on the image above to download some spiffy wallpaper.
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Watchmen Movie?

WATCH_bb.gifOne of the best graphics novels ever, created by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbon back in the mid-80s, looks to finally be moving closer to becoming a movie. Slashot covers a Reuters report that Bourne Supremacy director Paul Greengrass is taking the helm after another director dropped out of the picture due to scheduling conflicts. I care for two reasons. The first is that this crime drama could make for an amazing, if somewhat geek-centric film. The other is that I bought this baby at a rock-bottom price on HSX.com, and hope it adds a few million more to my Hollywood Stock Exchange portfolio. For those of you who haven’t seen this thing – it’s rather like a fantasy stock market game for movie buffs. Buy low, sell high, short options – I’ve been playing this thing since 1998. I started with $2M of their ‘Hollywood Bucks’, and have a portfolio worth over $150M now. If that had only been real money…sob.