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Candelight Tour

686 Rosalia has survived the first night of the annual Grant Park Candlelight Tour of Homes. Or should I say that Amy, Joey, Chaos and Ned have survived? Either way, the house looked great, and the visitors were so nice – it’s really made us appreciate our home even more. Tomorrow, we start work on the nursery! Stay tuned for stills and video from the tour – I’ll post those as soon as I get some time. For more on the tour, visit the GPNA Web Site. General info here. Rundown on all the homes here.
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Mall Mayhem Infographics

mallpg6.jpgYou know those safety info cards in the seat pocket in front of you on the airplane? The ones you sort of stopped looking at like ten years ago since you fly way too much? There is, I think, a certain charm to those graphics, telling you what to do if everything goes to hell in a handbasket. Anyway, here’s a set of infocards explaining how to riot at your local mall. Nice, eh? Via Consumer Whore. LINK.