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Overhasty Obit for Aperture

Macworld sits down with Apple’s Sr. Director of Pro Apps Marketing to dispel rumours which were rampant last week that the development of Apple’s flagship pro-image workflow application had fired or reassigned it’s entire staff.

“The reports of Apple reducing their commitment to Aperture are totally false,” Kirk Paulsen, Apple’s Senior Director Pro Applications Marketing, told Macworld. “In fact, we’ve got more people working on Aperture right now than ever before. (Macworld)

Think Secret had reported that the team had been axed after extensive criticism of the first version of the application, but Paulsen says this is not the case at all. Daring Fireball heard from his sources at Apple, the departures were an ugly bit of mismanagement of the original team – and all had left of their own volition. This quote sums up the situation:

Aperture’s current engineering team was assembled before the original team left. Aperture was never without an engineering team, and the product’s future was never in jeopardy. (Daring Fireball)

Cats and Dogs Living Together?


What’s next, is hell going to freeze over?bootcamp.jpg

Apple will include technology in the next major release of Mac OS X, Leopard, that lets you install and run the Windows XP operating system on your Mac. Called Boot Camp (for now), you can download a public beta today.

Apple – Boot Camp

Apple announced today official support for running WinXP on the Intel Mac. I can’t effing believe it. 

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iPhoto ‘06

Forget about Aperture’s ‘beta release’ – it’s all about iLife ’06! I installed the yearly update late last week, and good lord does it rock. The improvements to iPhoto alone are worth the price of admission.


My iPhoto’05 library was over 28k images. So I was surprised to hear various reports that the ’06 installment increased capacity from 25k to 250k. Hmmm – perhaps that’s why my old install was so sluggish – but never any errors or warnings about the size of ye olde library. Anyway, the new version is blazingly fast – like WOW!

It also upgrades handling of RAW images. In iPhoto5, your edits to RAW images were to a JPEG version. You could also edit in an external editor, but you were still working with the JPEG version. 2006’s version enhances this by letting you open the actual RAW file in the external editor. It doesn’t automagically import the RAW edits back to iPhoto (though I wish it would), but you can fairly easily re-import the edited RAW version.

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