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Where you goin’?

Since most of us are on the move this holiday season, I thought I’d point this new bit of functionality Yahoo! has rolled out this week. As reported on Slashdot, the Yahoo! Maps site is now providing real-time traffic overlays on their maps. Supported mostly in major metros, this might save a step or two when planning a (yuk) trip to the mall this season. In Atlanta, the maps are using info from the GA DOT, which looks like the same info on the Georgia Navigator site. All the same, I’ll keep my Konfabulator Web Images widget showing me a set of Atlanta traffic cams all the same. And when I’m on the go (and isn’t that when we usually need traffic info?), I use the GA Navigator’s new PDA-friendly mobile version of their web site on my Treo 600.

iPhone Gets Official

7821584493861351.jpgAfter months of speculation, Apple confirmed today that they are in a partnership with Motorola to produce an iPod-compatible phone. Forbes.com is reporting that the phone should be available early in 2005. All the buzz is short on specifics, but expect at the very least a phone with a strong sense of Apple’s navigational and design usability. Apple announced back in July that they were creating a mobile version of iTunes for Motorola – hopefully this new announcement will mean more. Jobs cautions that this won’t be an iPod replacement – but a way to take your iTunes with you. Hmmm. That still sounds like an iPod with a phone. Anyway, too bad it’s not an iTreo….

Boston’s Other Big Dig

Boston's Other Big DigLook at what’s happening inside Fenway Park! After 86 years, we take the pennant – and the entire outfield is stripped down to dirt. I, for one, would like to own a patch of that grass! Anyway, this work is all part of the park expansions announced earlier this year. Click the image to see an up-to-date view of the activity at America’s best ball park.
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