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Picture Day!

Picture Day
So I was drafted this year to take the class and individual photos of the Grant Park Cooperative Preschool this year. Some 2000 images later, here are all the photos! For those parents coming here to Trotz.com to peruse the images for purchase (all funds benefit the Preschool), please follow the links below to review the galleries.

To order prints: please download the order form here (Microsoft Excel file, 24kb). Order forms should be turned into either GPCP office in the envelope marked with “Spring Pictures Orders” with check (made out to GPCP) or cash by Monday, May 5th. Order forms are also available at the offices.

gametime with the kiddies

viva pinata

Fudgehogs. Horstachios. Seedos. Doc Patchingo.

These are but a few of the characters Sam has grown to talk about pretty much incessantly since I bought and began to play the very addictive (and very kid friendly) Viva Pinata game for the Xbox 360, recipient of a ‘great’ 8.3 rating from Gamespot.com. I read a piece in Parents Magazine praising the games “”excellent production values, universal human values, appeal to children, and age appropriateness.” Well, I don’t know about all that, but it’s innocent, colorful, and has appealing gameplay for yours truly and entertains the heck out of Sammy. And it has it’s own TV show. Anyway, Sam sits beside me with a controller (sans batteries) and ‘plays’ along with Dad. If you have kiddies in the house, I highly recommend this one.