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Simon is One!


Simon’s friends and family gathered from near and far (well, from as far away as Chatanooga) to celebrate his first 365 days on this Earth. After just moving into their new home, Jonathan and Rachel were wise indeed to hold the party off-site at our local YMCA. There was swimming, cakes galore, and a little music to entertain the tots and adults alike. Although the cider was allegedly alcohol-free, I’m still not sure how Rachel’s mom ended up on the floor with the little ones. Actually – that’s the sign of a great grandma! Photo gallery is here.


Clapping for the Trees

We’ve had a dead tree in the backyard hanging over our parking slab for a while now, and it has come very close to dropping fairly large limbs on top of Amy’s car. We got the required permits from the city arborist, and a tree service came by bright and early to get the work done before the heat of the Atlanta spring was too much. Sam loved the show, watching the dozen or so workmen gather with their four trucks on our street, climb the trees, saw the limbs, and watch the dropping limbs. In the photo above, Sam claps as one of the larger limbs comes down. Gallery is here.