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Thundersnow in Atlanta

I think it’s been some twenty years since I actually experienced that rare phenonmenon known as ‘thundersnow.’ But that’s just what we had today in Atlanta. Aside from it being March, and that we haven’t had an accumulating snowfall in at least four+ years, the thundersnow was icing on the cake. It’s so eerie the way the sound is muffled by the thick, heavy snow. I’ll never forget a nighttime storm in Boston years ago when I was out photowalking, and saw lightning illuminating the inside of the snow clouds. Amazing. Don’t expect this storm to have enough legs to make it to the evening hours here – it reportedly is going to even dust my hometown of Savannah after midnight tonight. Craziness.

Photos above are from a brief walk around Grant Park with Sam this afternoon. Both his shoes and my own were quickly soaked through from the copious amounts of slushy mix on the ground. Sam (and dad) enjoyed it immensely.

Picture Day, Fall 2008

So I was again drafted this year to take the class and individual photos of the Grant Park Cooperative Preschool this year. Some 1600 images later, here are all the photos! For those parents coming here to Trotz.com to peruse the images for purchase (all funds benefit the Preschool), please follow the links below to review the galleries. As some of our little ones were less than cooperative, you may find photos of your tots in non-consecutive order in the galleries – so leaf through them to be sure you’ve seen all there is to see! It was again a pleasure, if somewhat challenging, working with the kids and the other volunteers to corral and capture these images all our kids – I hope you enjoy the fruits of our labor!

To order prints: please download the order form here (Microsoft Excel file, 26kb or Adobe PDF, 34k). Order forms should be turned into either GPCP office in the envelope marked with “Fall Pictures Orders” with check (made out to GPCP) or cash by Tuesday, November 25th. Order forms are also available at the offices.

Grant Park Stroll


A few weeks back, we decided to take the boys out on a Sunday afternoon and enjoy the day. Sam was very excited to see the pregnant elephant, and we were surprised to see a new baby warthog – ugly but cute – and spent quite a bit of time ‘playing the trees’ at the new interactive art installation in the Park. Please take a look at our photos here. 

I think this photo of Sam is super-cute and wanted to share it here. 

 sam in circle