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Tonight, our ads team participated in the launch of PGATour.com. The site moved over from CBS Sportsline where it had been hosted for a number of years, and moved to our DoubleClick Dart Enterprise system here at Turner. And our group absolutely rocked! Despite another year of working through the holiday week, and a few more tasks through New Years Day, spirits were high throughout. Click here to view a gallery of pics from our war room. Here’s to more golf in our future…

Segway on the Fairway

segway at open championship

Watching the Open Championship (aka The British Open to us Yanks), I thought I spotted an unusual mode of transportation being used by one of the roving camera positions. A quick search of the wires found the image above – a television cameraman operating a steadicam rig atop a Segway was in fact following the golfers. Having chased the likes of Tiger, Norman, Els and the rest of them in the past, I know how heavy all that gear can be – seems like a perfect application of Dean Kamen’s technology. In the image above by AP Photographer Alastair Grant), you can see the driver has the rig aimed backwards at the group walking down the fairway – probably a lot easier this way than fast-walking backwards into one of those pot bunkers! I’m pretty sure this is a custom version of the XT model – while they do sell a version of the scooter adapted for the player with more money than sense that also carries their golf bag (the GT), I don’t see a camera-ready version on their site.

Major HD

Although I never had time to blog about it at the time, I wanted to mention that I had the most enjoyable time during the annual Masters golf tournament watching the action unfold in glorious high-definition. Sunday featured an unexpected continuation of the third round beginning at 8 a.m., wingedfoot.pngand Sam and I had a grand old time watching the early-morning light paint the pine trees lining the Augusta National fairways. HDBeat is reporting today that the HD-bug will extend to NBC when they air the U.S. Open from Winged Foot in New York on June 15-18. I hope to see every bit of that one in HD too.