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And Remind Me Why I’m Paying…?

massive225.jpgA few weeks back we all heard that Microsoft had acquired Massive Inc., a company focused on the nacent in-game advertising market. Despite some rough starts, there’s clearly a great deal of promise to this area for marketers, reaching the valued 18-34 male demo as they find a new home away from broadcast television. The news from the weekend indicates that the first deployment of this tech for MSFT will be inside the XBox Live service.

“Advertisers are having a tough time connecting with the elusive 18- to 34-year-old male demographic because this group continues to spend less time watching TV and more time playing video games,” said Joanne Bradford, corporate vice president of Global Sales and Marketing and chief media revenue officer at Microsoft. “Massive and Microsoft can help lead with our shared vision of delivering more targeted, measurable and effective opportunities for advertisers to reach today’s youth audience in a largely untapped market.” (From the press release)

Now, speaking as a consumer, I’m already paying something on the order of $50 a year for the priveledge of enabling the online features of all the $60 game titles I’ve purchased for the 360, and the thought that this experience is now going to be plastered with ads pimping that new soda I don’t give a %^#@ about is kind of annoying. Will we see a price drop in the sub fee? Will the Xbox community react positively to this ‘enhancement.’ I’m not holding my breath…but I do know that the makers of the new consoles on the horizon (Wii and the PS3) will watch closely.

360 Time

To complement our spiffy new HDTV, I managed to find an Xbox360 on eBay for not-too-high a premium. JoeBobATLThe Fedex guy came a day earlier than the tracking said it would (who knew that was even possible), and I was like a kid on the first night of Hannukkah as the delivery dude came up the front steps. In a word, the image this thing produces on the SXRD is stunning. I had picked up Project Gotham Racing, Madden 2006 and Kameo – and every one of them is just mind bogglingly beautiful. PGR is especially slick – driving the streets of NYC and seeing the skyline come hurtling toward you, driving past the casinos of Las Vegas by your headlights – all the while seeing true-to-life reflections and dirt on your windscreen. I’ve also partially hooked this up to our Dell PC running Media Center Edition 2005. I did have to update it to this year’s patch, but once I did, the two machines saw each other easily. Now I can get photos, video and music from my desktop on the Sony in the living room. Spiffy! Embedded here in this post is my XboxLive ‘GamerCard’ that shows my current reputation, score and ‘zone’, whatever that is. It will also show any games I’ve gone online with.

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May the handheld mayhem commence…

GTA for PSP Arrives

Woo doggy! While my local EBGames has no copies, and the one I ordered from Gamestop is backordered with no estimated delivery, I was seriously bumming earlier this week. Lo and behold, a friend here at work drops this copy into my hands – seems he didn’t need this copy for a while. The game is excellent – it took a bit of time to get used to driving with the tiny stick, and I do wish the screen were larger. But it’s like old home week revisiting good ol’ Liberty City and my favorite hangouts. Certainly is easier to play knowing the rough city layout like the back of my hand. The wife doesn’t appreciate the sound of mayhem coming from the PSP – but it’s gotta be better than in the living room! 2 thumbs up so far for this one…

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Gametap is Live!


Turner Broadcasting System’s several-years-in-the-making broadband gaming service which I blogged about a few months back has launched to the public today.

Joystiq has coverage here, and Kotaku points out a set of viral faux-blogs intended to bring consumers into the new service.

There’s at least five sites out there, as reported below by Joystiq:

After you wander about these blogs you’ll eventually get to the Gametap site, with this snarky little quote:

Well played. You found us out. That page you just came from? Not real. And there’s more like it out there. You see, you’ve fallen prey to one of our little traps to make friends with the world. We want to be your friend.

I’m not going to get into the arguments of fake marketing blogs. Draw your own conclusions. I’m just happy to see Gametap finally exposed to the public. I’ve been fooling with the app for a while, and it’s pretty entertaining to go back to the games of our youth, and to have access to some more recent PC titles I was too lazy to go out and buy. There’s some discussion on Joyqstiq about most of this being available via emulators and ROMs, but even if those are free, they are buggy, often a pain to setup, etc. I think it’s worth a few bucks to package these older titles in a cohesive manner, and let me drop in, play, and drop back out when I have a few moments. Oh, and the classic photo from Joystiq at the top of this entry is definitely a keeper.