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Meme Alert – Websites as Graphs

sitegraph_trotzdotcom This spiffy web app maps the contents of web pages into a tree with different nodes representing various types of page elements – blue for links, red for tables, green for divs, violet for images, yellow for forms, orange for blockquotes or br or p tags, etc. Rather a beautiful construct, don’t ya think. The image at right is of our very own Trotz.com. The creator of this applet also has a rather more estoeric project – onethousandpaintings.com. Yes – pick a number (not previously taken) between one and one-thousand and the artist will paint the number for you on canvas. Unfortunately, the number 42 is already taken, darnit!

From Websites as Graphs [hat tip to a crank’s progress]. And you can see other examples on flickr here.

Flickr Changes a comin’

On the Flickr blog today, George Oates reveals a slew of site changes coming next week:

It was a little funny for us to win a Webby Award for Best Navigation/Structure (we also won for Best Practices – yay!). “Funny” because we’ve always felt like there were some big changes we needed to make. As Flickr grew organically, the site became a little, well … “rambly” over the years. So, we’re changing it 🙂

The highlights include a new navigation IA, improved boolean search, the Organizr rebuilt from the ground up, a new ‘person menu’ to get directly to users photos, profile, favorites, etc, and perhaps most usefully an increase in the number of images you see on most pages of the site, with an option to toggle between thumbs and larger versions. I’m most happy to hear the Organizr will get an upgrade – it’s a bit clunky today, but has a lot of potential.