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Noah’s First Week (or so)

With family in town, an extreme lack of sleep, a nasty cold for yours truly, etc., I’ve not posted here in a few days. So here are some updates.


All week, Noah has had his uncles from Savannah in town – Jerry and Seth – as well as Grandma Rita. Visiting from the great Northeast (Rochester, that is) were 8X grandparents Sherrie and Marty – who in a matter of days will be 9X grandparents when the other Amy in the family has her first next week. But I digress. Click here for the gallery.

The Bris Begins
Sunday was Noah’s big day, when, as is the custom after eight days, our friends and family converged at our home for Noah’s bris. He was a trooper, and it was great to see all our friends and loved ones who could attend, and know that those who could not had us in mind. Click here for the gallery.

Bubble Man

Now anyone who has two children has probably gone through the jealousy phase. Sam has been remarkably resilient, although he’s had his moments. The best cure for this is, of course, lavish attention from grandparents, so they accompanied Sam to the frogs exhibit at the Fernbank Museum this week too. Gallery is here.

Noah, Amy and Fish

And having been cooped up inside with the exception of one trip to the pediatrician, Amy was itching to get out on Tuesday, so we bundled up Sam, Noah, Amy plus Marty and Sherrie for a trip to the Georgia Aquarium. Sam seems to enjoy it more with every visit, and Noah seemed to really enjoy the lights and movement of the fish. More photos in the gallery here.

The Family Unit

Dad and the Boys as Mom Looks On

So Sam joined us for some quality time this afternoon, and Joel was able to grab several great photos of the Trotz family all together. I love this photo of Amy looking on at the trio of boys who now comprise a majority in the household! (Amy still rules, of course!) Sam was so sweet – getting super excited about giving Noah his first present ever – a cute JellyCat duck Dad picked up on a business trip in September at the Laguna Niguel Ritz (Sam’s first stuffed animal was a monkey from the same company on a trip Amy and I took to the Ritz on Amelia Island). Sam was equally excited that Noah had thought ahead and bought Sam a gift of two books as well. The gallery is here.