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Rochester Thanksgiving

We headed North for Thanksgiving with the Handelman clan. It was everything that holiday feels like it should be – a fire in the fireplace, grandmas and grandpas doting on their grandchildren, and a beautiful snowfall to top it all off and make Sam (and his Dad) happy to have taken the trip. We had a grand time with everyone, playing in the snow, getting Noah and Carter to spend quality time together (and celebrate their birthdays), visiting the natural history and kids museums, and just hanging out.  

Family Portraits

As you probably know, the photography genes run through 2/3 of the Trotz boys – my brother Jerry is a fine photographer, and currently makes his living shooting in Savannah. On our visit in mid-November, he dragged out his spiffy new lights and got down to some great photos of our clan. I think a bunch of these are awesome. There is something about a formal portrait that’s so different from the grabs we normally get. I like a lot of the feeling here. 

Savannah Wildlife Refuge

Back in mid-November, we headed home to visit my mom and brother Jerry in Savannah. As we were driving from our hotel to my mom’s place, Noah fell asleep, so we needed to hunt for something to do and allow Noah to get a much-needed nap. So off to the Savannah Wildlife Refuge we went. Just 10 miles North of the city over in South Carolina, I always loved going there to look at the ‘gators, birds and foliage. Sam enjoyed it, and Noah slept most of the time. We won’t talk about the fire ant incident. Amy was itching for days. Click below to see the gallery of photos from our visit.