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Sherrie & Marty’s 50th

We should all be this lucky. I’ll be 88 if I make it this far, so god-willing, it will happen for Amy and I as well! All the Handelman kids gathered to throw a party for Marty and Sherrie at Eric and Amy’s lovely place on Saturday – and a great time was had by all. What a spread! Overnight french toast from Julie, my attempt at Thomas Keller’s Bouchon quiche (the secret – a really deep shell and long slow cooking) as well as all the usual other brunch fare combined to induce a coma by the afternoon.

A Visit to Savannah

Yes, we experienced an early Summer as we headed down to visit my mom in mid-June. Sam’s current obsession with battles, forts and the like led us out to Fort Pulaski which I love, then my own cravings for fresh-off-the-boat seafood took us to The Crab Shack. Ah, I remember when they had all of ten tables and no kitsch. Finally, we went to the ultimate tourist attraction – The Pirate’s House. Again, influenced by Sam’s biggest fascination these days, that was a big hit. And the food was not as bad as I feared. I think that was due to the large mug (shaped like a skull, ‘natch) of Chatham Artillery Punch.

Super Bowl in the City


With meetings on both Friday afternoon and early Monday morning, I negotiated with Amy and ended up spending the weekend there. That gave me a great opportunity to catch up with cousin Miriam & Steven and their twins (Chella and Grey above), as well as other friends like Erin and Christopher (and Lilly) as well as Hart and his wife Cella. Lots of c/hellas, who wouda thunk? It was a fun weekend – even if it meant being away from the family. The game was not bad either!


This photo was shot near Chris’ place way up the Hudson as the sun was setting. I like the feeling here. For more photos, click here. 

Home for the Holidays

See the post a few entries down. After way too much travel in 2008, we spent the entire holidays staying close to home, playing tourist in our own town. Several friends came through as well – always a good excuse to hit the aquarium. We hung out at the High. We brought our kids together with friends as much as we could. We attended more Hannukah parties than I can recall – and ate far too many latkes. It was a rejuvenating experience to not push ourselves to get on the road. I think we’ll do it again soon!