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Election Night

So much has been said about the 2008 Election already – I don’t have much to add. Let’s just say that Sam is very happy that ‘Mr Obama’ as he calls him came out on top. I had the pleasure of working out of the CNN.com newsroom on the big night, which for our purposes was something of a sleeper – with polls pretty much clearly indicating who was going to win, we didn’t melt down the internet (or our ad serving) quite the way we thought we might. We were more than prepared for anything that might happen – in the end it was just a pleasure to see how things unfolded. 

Capturing History

In the slideshow above, you can see a photo set the Obama campaign’s long-time photographer David Katz posted to Yahoo’s photo sharing site that I use all the time for my images, Flickr. I think it’s fascinating (and progressive) that the Obama campaign elected to have these posted to a social media site like Flickr, but unfortunately – the photos are simply not as good as they could or should be. They are not sharp, they are poorly framed, many have motion blurring and really come across as looking like snapshots. In short, the image fall far short of what I’d expect to see from a professional who might have had this sort of access to – dare I say it – history. In the past, someone like David Burnett or Jacques Lowe would have captured these sort of intimate moments – fulfilling the dual needs of being not only attuned to the intimacy of the access they’d been given but also fully capable of capturing truly compelling and high quality images of moments which will never happen again. But here, the images don’t stand alone very well. And that’s really too bad.