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A long year of travel

According to my trip log on Dopplr.com (a great site, check it out if you haven’t seen it), I took 26 trips for a total of over 45,000 miles – or about 20% of the way to the Moon. The photos from this, my last business trip of the year, were taken in the Seattle area in late December. I really like this image of the very first de-icing I can ever remember undergoing, even all my years in Boston. Maybe I’m just suffering from short term memory loss – or jetlag from too much flying in 2008. Anyway, check out Dopplr, or my new fave travel site – tripit.com. They have a spiffy feature where you forward your itinerary you get form the airline, hotel, rental car company etc – and they automatically import the details of your trips into the system. Giving dopplr a run for their money.