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standing and proud
Noah hit a big milestone about a week ago – pretty much overnight, he figured out how to pull himself up on his crib, which led to tracking down the hex wrench to drop the mattress down. He’s so pleased with himself as you can see here, vocalizing happily whenever he gets vertical.

Bedtime for Sammy

We passed an important milestone yesterday. After dad ran around all weekend gathering the nuts, bolts, plywood base, mattress pad, sheets, comforter, pillow, etc for Sam’s new ‘big-boy bed,’ I had the pleasure of tucking him in for the first time last night – and our big guy slept through the night on his brand-new twin bed. I’ll have to sneak in and grab a photo in the morning and add to this post later on. Now there is room for Trotz 2.0 in Sam’s crib, expected in two weeks now, and counting.

sleeping beauty

dreaming before waking

A quick post of our little guy, catching a few last winks before Dad had to wake him to go to school this morning. He didn’t nap yesterday, and for the first time in forever fell asleep in my arms while I was telling him stories last night. I knew when he began snoring! He also woke up around 4am asking to hear one of his favorite songs – Thanks A Lot, by Raffi. Yeah, I know that music gets on some people’s nerves, but that particular song is in his bedtime iPod mix, and I always found it calming as can be. In this photo, he clutches his favorite blankie, made for him by our dear friend Alisa.  For the past several months, that’s the only thing he’ll allow in the crib with him when he does down to sleep. Precious!